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My Societies


I'm a member of the following societies:


FIPSG - Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group  

SHATPS - St. Helena, Ascension & Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society 

WASC - West Africa Study Circle  

ASC - Ascencion Study Circle  

PPHSGB - Polar Polar History Society of Great Britain  

ASPP - American Society of Polar Philatelists 

IOSC - Indian Ocean Study Circle  

MPS - Mauritius Philatelic Society

Polarpostsammlerverein Bielefeld

ArGe Polarphilatelie   

BDPh - Bund Deutscher Philatelisten  

Tristan da Cunha Association   

PISG - Pitcairn Islands Study Group


Interested? - then use the links above or write me.



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FIPSG Publication (4x/y)


SHATPS Publication (4x/y)


index of articles

WASC Publication (4x/y)


MPS Publication (2x/y)




ASC Publication


PPHSGB Publication (4x/y)


IOSC Publication (4x/y)


BDPh Publication (12x/y) 


ArGe Polarphilatelie (4x/y)



 ASPP Publication (4x/y)




Tristan da Cunha Association (2x/y)




 PPSVBI Publication (4x/y)





Monographs / Supplements:


FIPGS Monograph No. 13


Upland Goose Supplement June 2011




SHATPS Supplement June 2011



PISG Publication (4x/y)


PPHSGB / POLAR POST / Contents September 2011 (below)



FIPSG / Upland Goose / Contents Autumn 2011 (below)



Contributions - to South Atlantic Chronicle (SHATPS):


Two ship visits to St. Helena


My favourite cover from St. Helena


The first Formula Registered Envelopes of Tristan da Cunha


St. Helena - not every Kiderlen cover is philatelic


Rev. Rogers, the "Quest", and a cover from Tristan da Cunha, 1922


Quest at Tristan da Cunha 1922 - Part II


S.S. Reliance - a cruise ship on visit off Saint Helena


Questions on an Ascension PC


The Boer Prisoner of War Lt.-Colonel von Braun


Is it time to consider setting up SIGs to our Society? Co-author with P. Hicks


Members Overwhelmingly Support SIG's  Co-author with P. Hicks


The Eastern Telegraph Company in Ascension


Unlisted Tristan da Cunha cachets - a follow-up



to Upland Goose (FIPSG)


An Interesting 1982 Cover


An Interesting 1887 Cover


My Favourite Cover


Diary of the Captain of MV Baltic Ferry during Falkland War


Not every Kiderlen Card is philatelic


The Story behind a KGV Letter Card


Further Schlottfeldt stamp dealer connections


Further Rev. F. Migone correspondance



to Cameo (WASC)


DLH Catapult Flights between Gambia & Brazil


Private Lettercards of St. Helena



to POLARPHILATELIE (Arge Polarphilatelie)


Mein Sammelgebiet Tristan da Cunha - Inseln im Nirgendwo