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I'm in contact with many philatelists worldwide.

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Klaus-D. Hahn

P.O. Box 14

D-71145 Bondorf

P.  +49 7457 7831

F.  +49 3222 3756255


E.  hahnstamps@t-online.de







That's the year 2011 in the rural region of Southwest Germany



 < along Neckar River ^



small chapel beside a rural road ... in spring


... in autumn


Neckar River

small part of a golf course / Golfclub Schloss Weitenburg - I regret, I'm not a member!




"Autobahn" bridge above Neckar Valley, height 127 m

new painting for the bridge 127 m above the river


background: mountain range Swabian Alps (~ 1.000 m height)

Weitenburg Castle above Neckar Valley - 950 years old




Neckar valley with Weitenburg Castle in autumn

Mountain Ipf - with remains of an old settlement on top, 12th century B.C.

View from Ipf

Historic city of Dinkelsbühl






Interesting links:


www.jontonks.co.uk/empire/  - wonderful photos of the South Atlantic from the photographer Jon Tonks


www.philatepat.net16.net  -  Philatelic Corner of Mauritius - a very comprehensive Mauritius philatelic website


www.btinternet.com/~sa_sa - Paul Carroll's website of the South Atlantic and Southern Ocean


http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=kgKYV5hplvM - wonderful 2 minutes impression of Tristan da Cunha / Youtube Video


http://www.government.pn - Official Government website of Pitcairn Islands